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Q. Is JustFormsPDF "Thread Safe"?
The library is thread safe as multiple server or application threads can edit different documents simultaneously without interfering with each other. However opening the same file by threads at the same time may cause file locking issues.

Q. What is price of the JustFormsPDF libray?
The library is free of cost. However if you like the product you may donate your fair share to the author.

Q. When will my licence key code will arrive?
If you provide a valid email adress during the download process, you should get the key via email right away.

Q. Does the library supports "Linearized" or "Web-ready" PDF documents?
Partially, the library can read linearized PDFs but cannot linearize the added contents.

Q. Can we edit images and text (other than AcroForm text) using the library?
No. As the name suggests, the library only supports editing PDF Forms, which is the most widely used application scenario.


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